Friday, March 30, 2007

Life Lessons

Things Jeff Learned Too Late:

- NEVER flush an entire box of laundry detergent down the toilet because you "want the pretty box" WILL bubble A LOT, and clog the toilet for DAYS (Jeff learned this when he was 3).

- NEVER grab a cord hanging from the ceiling in ANY IS "live", and you WILL get shocked (Jeff learned this when he was 4).

- NEVER mix all of the ingredients in the cupboards in the kitchen into one big "creation", and then ask your mom if she will make pancakes...she WILL yell at you, and you WILL get into HUGE trouble (Jeff learned this when he was 4) (it was a BUSY, LEARN-Y year!).

- NEVER, NEVER, NEVER take the "you can skip this month's car payment by signing this form and returning it to your bank" option if given the opportunity, because you WILL GET STUCK WITH ABOUT 6 MONTHS OF ADDITIONAL PAYMENTS...(Jeff learned this when he was 42).


I've GIVEN UP on ever getting out of debt, or having any "extra" money at the end of any month, or of even REMOTELY feeling like I'm going to "make it" financially. I went to a financial counselor about 2 1/2 years ago, and have been in a debt management program since that meeting.

It's SUCKED, it's been REALLY, REALLY difficult, and I'm TRYING to keep that whole "just 2 1/2 more years you will have NO CREDIT CARD DEBT" concept in my head, but setbacks like the aforementioned STUPIDITY drag me down a bit...grrr again...

In other news, the "white trash ham bake" the other day was very good, and I'm going to have to get used to things like Spam, and Cheese Whiz, BECAUSE I'M GOING TO BE MAKING STUPID CAR PAYMENTS FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE, APPARENTLY...!!!