Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Home Sick!!

Home sick today. I, luckily, haven't been sick a lot this year, but MAN when I get a cold, it knocks me FLAT! I haven't had the "ear infection cold" for awhile...which is what I have now. I guess it was only a matter of time before I got one again. I worry...my grandpa Reynolds had his ear drum removed because of all the problems he had with his ear canal...I seem to be following suit, but AM NOT going to EVER have mine removed...!

Amy was here from Sheboygan for the weekend. She stayed with Robin and David and family, and I went over in the evenings, and for most of the day on Saturday. They all came here for "chili cornbread bake" on Saturday evening. It was a GREAT visit, and we did some SERIOUS catching up. She hadn't been here since JUNE, so was LONG overdue for a visit.

We were able to go to Hell's Kitchen for breakfast downtown, check out the flowers and greenery at the Como Conservatory, and do some shopping at the Mall of America. I'm hoping to get to Sheboygan sometime this year, as my last visit THERE was last March for A's 40th!

Headed to Iowa this weekend to celebrate mom's birthday (Feb. 2nd). I'm hoping that I at least feel HUMAN again by then. We're stopping at Carlos O'Kelly's in Mason City on the way down for dinner. SILLY that I'm looking SO forward to it, but, it's a restaurant that we frequented in college (the Iowa City branch), and is SO nostalgic! With the lake house being sold this coming summer (waah!), I've got to enjoy as many "OLD HAUNTS" as I can! They are getting fewer and further between all the time!

Robin's 40th is this March. Dave is planning a big FIESTA to celebrate. Amy and I are going to help him put it all together. There should be TONS of people there. It'll be fun.

I'm rambling, I'm sick, I need a nap (and some more cold medicine). Was supposed to go to work this afternoon (only took a half sick day), but Linda called from school and said that the principal and vice-principal would take my classes, and I'm GOOD WITH THAT!

Was supposed to go to a budgeting class in Minneapolis tonight, but SO don't feel like trying to find this place in the dark with a cold, so rescheduled for the May class...now I can stay home, and feel sorry for myself (I'm a TERRIBLE patient!)...hope YOU are feeling well!