Thursday, April 16, 2020

Supporting Businesses Big and Small During "Shelter in Place"

So...businesses and individuals are struggling.  The shuttering of "non-essential" businesses, and the limiting of services of those deemed "essential", (in most states) has had a real impact on the survival of these places we used to go, and services we used to depend upon.

I've been doing my part to help, in a small way, where I can...

Italian Pie Shoppe-  My FAVORITE pizza place!  They are only open for pickup, and have a freezer case inside with pizzas that can be purchased and taken home to cook.  We've done both, and, when we picked up frozen pizzas a few weeks ago, tipped $8.00..."just because".  We love this place, and want to make sure it survives until we can go and eat there again someday!


Jaarsma Bakery-  Jaarsma Bakery, family owned and operated since 1898, is a Dutch bakery, located in Pella, Iowa.  Their Dutch letters and gevulde koeken (Andre's cookies) are AMAZING, as is...well...everything else there.  I ordered a bunch of pastries to be delivered to my door next week.  Certainly not as fun as perusing the display cases in the bakery, and the beautiful Dutch architecture and tulips in Pella, but the next best thing, I guess!


The United States Post Office-  COVID-19 is wreaking havoc with the funding of this beloved and MUCH NEEDED institution.  I just purchased a BUNCH of stamps because...1...I need them...and 2...if it helps them continue to operate, I'm ON IT!

I've also increased my purchasing of items on eBay and many are trying to stay afloat during these unprecedented times. 

Here's hoping YOU are able to send a little support to the people and places YOU love as well!

Friday, April 3, 2020

I've Had Better Spring Breaks...

  • First day of spring break and "Shelter in Place" (because of COVID-19) began at exactly the same time.
  • First dad's birthday since he died.
  • Checking work e-mail daily to answer questions and take care of things since distance learning in our district starts the day AFTER spring break ends.
  • First year anniversary of dad's death.
  • Spent $79.00 to get the "rattle" fixed in my car...which turned out to be a loose bolt.
  • Snow.
Here's hoping YOU have had a better week than I!