Friday, February 21, 2014

The Winter That WOULD NOT DIE!!!

I know it's only February, and we still have AT LEAST two months of winter left, but here I am at home on our FIFTH or SIXTH (I've lost track) snow/cold day of the year since January 1st!  I am not complaining at all (about not being at school) because, to be honest, this morning's commute was more than I could bear. 

The newscasters were calling the metro roads "treacherous" and recommended "not leaving the house unless absolutely necessary".  Thick ice from recent metling, covered with 8 inches of new snow, and winds whipping it all around at 20-25 miles per THANKS!!

The day started with the district calling a two hour delay for students, and staff instructed to report "as soon as they could safely get there".  Had I left at my normal time, I would already have been on the road for an hour by the time they called it (which is REALLY disconcerting).

So...glad to have the snow day, to "catch up" on stuff, and stay in my bathrobe, but REALLY, REALLY, SUPER REALLY ready for this winter to end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last Saturday, I put away the plastic snowmen that were on the deck, and shoveled off the two feet of snow that had accumulated there.  This is what it looks like again today...



Here's hoping YOU live somewhere warm...and green!!!!