Sunday, October 28, 2007

MEA Weekend

Wow! I can't believe it's been almost a month since I last posted. Sorry to all (two) of you who keep checking in, and getting the same old September entry!

School is SO BUSY now with the "new" way of doing things, that I just don't have time to sit down and "putz" at the computer like I used to. I'm getting the hang of the "open schedule" thing now, and, am still CRAZY BUSY, but have settled into the groove enough that I think I can get back to "other stuff" again (like keeping this blog updated).

Scholastic Book Fair came and went. I HATE the Scholastic Book Fair. Yes, it raises a little money for the library, but the cases, and toys, and posters, and gazillions of books absolutely take over the media center. It was up for TWO weeks this year instead of 5-7 days and it was ABSOLUTE CHAOS from start to finish. This year we added the fun element of students STEALING stuff. So NOT doing the book fair again next year (especially if the magazine fundraiser that we're doing next week produces results!).

MEA conferences were last week (Minnesota Education Association). "Technically" we're all supposed to go to workshops, meet and greets, and lectures, but 98% of us just take a four day weekend and go somewhere. It's actually the BUSIEST travel weekend of the year here in the Twin Cities (even busier than Thanksgiving or Christmas), since the students are off too.
It's always an adventure to see if Duane and I will be able to get anywhere (travelling "standby" as we do!). This year, we were able to get to Kansas City. I exciting, and I felt the same way too, but, we got there...and it's actually a pretty cool place!

We ate some FABBO barbecue (for almost every meal while we were there, in fact!), walked around the City Market, shopped at the HUGE antique mall up the street from the market, went to the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library (which was REALLY well done, and is celebrating it's 50th year!), climbed to the top of the World War I monument and looked out over the city, toured the AWESOME art museum there, and ATE AT A WAFFLE HOUSE (I know...gross, but Duane and I LOVE Waffle House, and it's the only place that I can get sweet tea).

It was a NICE chance to get out of the cities, and the best part is that it was WARM and SUNNY! Minnesota hasn't been EITHER lately (with the exception of yesterday and today). I'm SO not looking forward to winter, and it was REALLY nice to be able to wear shorts one last time!
I was going to head down to Fairfield for the weekend, but Tena has rehearsals the entire time (she's so busy!).

Had also talked about going to Tomah, WI to see Amy with Robin, but Amy already had plans, so, instead, ended up going to a fire pit "party" with some school people on Friday night, and Duane and I took a "road trip" yesterday, and went antiquing in Canon Falls (after a stop at the bakery that Duane LOVES!).

Found a couple of recipe boxes (with recipes included, of course!). WORST RECIPE OF ALL TIME (in one of the boxes that I didn't buy): Banana Salmon Salad (canned salmon, sliced banana, pineapple, celery, mayonnaise, and a couple of other GROSS items that I've blocked out...ish!).

Hoping to get down to Fairfield in a few weeks. I need to make another trip down there before winter makes the trip too tricky (what can I say...I'm a winter driving CHICKEN!). Several trips to the cities in blizzards, ice storms, and white out conditions (when Robin and David lived here, and I was still in Iowa) have resulted in this "fear"!

Not much else to "ramble on about" at this point. Hope your Sunday is going well, and that it hasn't gotten too "wintry" yet where YOU are!