Thursday, June 15, 2017

Graduation Weekend!

My niece Abigail graduated from high school this past weekend, and, I have to admit, I'm having a difficult time with this whole "passage of time" thing!  It was difficult enough when Emilie graduated two years ago, and left us to go to college.  But now...with the youngest "leaving the nest"...I find myself a little melancholy.

THIS is how I think of my nieces...

...but this was actually SO VERY LONG AGO!  Now...we look like this...

I moved to the cities SEVENTEEN YEARS ago to be part of their lives, and it's been an AMAZING, and WONDERFUL journey...from choir grade level Sunday dinners.'s been one of the BEST decisions I EVER made.

They have both become such amazing young women!  I KNOW that they are SUPPOSED to grow up... and move on...and grow up...but I'm DEFINITELY experiencing "growing pains" in the process.

That being are some photos of the weekend.  So"growing up"...!!

Here's hoping YOU were able to celebrate family...and love...and "growing up" with YOUR favorite people recently too!!!

Monday, May 8, 2017

"Art in Bloom"!!

Last week Robin, Abigail, Duane and I were able to meet at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts for "Art in Bloom" of my FAVORITE events in the twin cities!  I left school around 4:00, managed to navigate my way through uptown traffic, managed to find a parking spot in the parking ramp at the MIA, and...waited an hour for everyone else to get there (traffic was my surprise!).

Once everyone finally arrived, we headed through the galleries to enjoy the amazing interpretations of works of art in flowers...

I ended up running into about six people I knew (from both my previous school district AND my current district), and spent a lovely, relaxing few hours at one of my favorite places in the twin cities!

Here's hoping YOU were able to experience art and a little touch of spring recently too!!!