Thursday, June 15, 2017

We Interrupt This Post From 1989 for Graduation Weekend!

My niece Abigail graduated from high school this past weekend, and, I have to admit, I'm having a difficult time with this whole "passage of time" thing!  It was difficult enough when Emilie graduated two years ago, and left us to go to college.  But now...with the youngest "leaving the nest"...I find myself a little melancholy.

THIS is how I think of my nieces...

...but this was actually SO VERY LONG AGO!  Now...we look like this...

I moved to the cities SEVENTEEN YEARS ago to be part of their lives, and it's been an AMAZING, and WONDERFUL journey...from choir grade level Sunday dinners.'s been one of the BEST decisions I EVER made.

They have both become such amazing young women!  I KNOW that they are SUPPOSED to grow up... and move on...and grow up...but I'm DEFINITELY experiencing "growing pains" in the process.

That being are some photos of the weekend.  So"growing up"...!!

Here's hoping YOU were able to celebrate family...and love...and "growing up" with YOUR favorite people recently too!!!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Sunday, February 26th, 1989

 Note:  This is a series of journal entries from my two years living in Himeji, Japan (1988-1990).  I'm archiving them electronically through my blog.  Last names have been deleted and replaced with first initial only.  For details on this series of blog entries, see this post.

Last Saturday Kimberly and I went to Mike and Resa's in the p.m.   We had Italian beef and watched "The Couch Trip" and "Trading Places".  We were going to watch "Burglar", but they wanted us to see the "Trading Places" film.  It was good, but I still want to see the one we didn't.  Oh well.  We came back to my place around 12.  Kim stayed over.

Sunday we got up and lazed around and went to choir practice, church and singles fellowship.  Singles was on love.  I wasn't very "in" to it.  Before church & stuff we went into Kobe to find the Kobe Fish Dance Hall, so that Kim could leave a note for a friend, Jimmy Jam, who was going to play there later in the week.  The place was down by the harbor, and looks like a place we're going to explore further.  I stayed over w/Kim (cancelled at Nobu's).

Monday I did the usual cleaning and laundry, etc., ran errands.  Kayo came at 5.  After her lesson I made dinner, & watched videos.

Tuesday was E.S.S. rehearsal.  Tomomi was late, and left the room while we were trying to practice, so at lunch I went to my office to find a replacement for her.  In the afternoon, after they had a meeting with some newspaper lady and were 30 minutes late for the rest of rehearsal, she shaped up, so God helped me in that situation (I prayed at lunch).

After rehearsal I got some stuff done at the office, then went to Mizoguchi for my classes.  They went all right, except that my kodomo class will not shut up.  They really bug me.

Wednesday I had a student affairs mtng. at 10:30.  We had lunch in Nobu's office.  After the meeting I typed a letter to Sakai-sensei telling him I couldn't be at the meeting Monday, and typed the Shakespeare chapter for my English Drama book.

At 4:15 was an English faculty meeting.  It lasted until 6:30...short!  We talked about failing students and the study trip to Eastern College.

I rode home with Karl & Linda Lee.  They have this annoying habit of listening to English conversation programs on the radio.  Wednesday's program was about February being cold and going to Hokkaido for the Ice Festival.  So between that (very beginning English study program) and Karl telling me every minute detail about a movie he watched the nigh before- I was ready to jump out of the car (moving) halfway home.  I made it clear to the stoplight by my apartment, and jumped out there.  Ugh!

Thursday I didn't have to go in for the faculty mtng. because it was about entrance exams, and I had no responsibilities.  So, I slept late, went shopping, and at 6:45 met Akira, Koji, and Hiroko.  We went to an okonomiyaki restaurant.  It was pretty good, but the place in Mikage is better.  We then went to a coffee shop named "Donkey Papa".  After that we went to a robata-type place.  They had fuzzy navels, so I was extatic (?) eccstatic (?) ecstatic (anyway).  They weren't exactly like home, but they were okay.  It was a blast!  I want to take Kimberly there sometime (and anyone who comes to visit me from America (if anyone ever does).

Friday I laid around all day.  Nothing was open because of the emperor's funeral, so there was nothing to do.  Every t.v. channel had the exact same picture with different commentary.

At 5:15 Kimberly came over.  We waited for a pizza delivery, then Mike came at 6:00, and we loaded up to go to his house.  We watched "3 Men and a Baby" and "Crocodile Dundee II".  We also watched ""Sony Music Videos" and had a really relaxing evening, except that one of the sleeves Kim was knitting had to be "un-knit".  We talked until 3:30, and boy did the talk get strange around 2:$5.  Resa was uncontrollably giggly, and by 3:15 we were laughing loud enough to wake the kids, so called it an evening.  The last thing I remember talking about was drooling...

The boys came down about 9:30, the next morning, so that started Saturday rather early!

Resa & the kids, Kim & I stopped at McDonalds, for lunch.  Mike stayed home to study for Sunday's service.

Resa dropped us off at my place.  After dropping stuff here Kim & I went to Sannomiya to shop.  We went to Mr. Jackets for the first time.  It's a big import record shop.  I found Debbie Gibson's new album and finally finally finally found a copy of "Pippin".  So, I bought them both on CD.

We stopped at Kobe Belle for cake, then went to Seiden to price CD players for Kim, to the yarn shop, then to Kobe Grocers.  They had Cherry Coke and English muffins!

After that I stopped in Tokyu Hands, and they had a silkscreen print that I had been looking at in Himeji, framed differently, but about 2,000 yen cheaper.

I got home about 6:30.  The bantensen schedule didn't coordinate again, & I didn't want to pay a taxi, so I walked, and of course halfway home it started raining, so I was soaked when I got home.

I watched videos & laid around for the rest of the evening.  When I took money out of the post office account, I found this picture...cute, huh???