Thursday, October 29, 2015


Duane and I TRIED to get somewhere for MEA (Minnesota Education Association) weekend, but, since EVERYONE had that Thursday and Friday off, flights were impossible to get on (we fly "standby"), so, we had a nice, mellow "staycation"...we went to the antique malls in Rogers, shopped at the outlet mall in Albertville, checked out the Hy-Vee in New Hope, had lunch at Cafe Latte, and visited the SUBURBIA exhibit at the Minnesota History Museum.

Suburbia was an exhibit that told the history of migration from the inner city to the surrounding areas following world war II.  It was very well done (not as cool as the toy exhibit last year), and very kitchy...of which Duane and I are big fans!!



Here's hoping YOU were able to explore something cool where you live recently too!!!