Saturday, July 7, 2018


My blogging has SERIOUSLY been LACKING this year.  This is my ONLY post, so far, in all of 2018.  When I started this blog, it was meant to be a record of my life....all of the events, activities, special occasions, and things I wanted to look back on over time.  It's not going so well...I guess I've just gotten tired of doing it.

While scanning the apps on my iPad this morning, however, I saw the tile I created for easy access to this blog, and felt an actual pang of regret...which COULD be a good sign for the THREE of you who actually read this (okay two...I'm counting myself in that big number of readers...). an effort to YET AGAIN be somewhat's a quick recap of 2018, thus  far...Hawaii...influenza a...a musical DURING the school year (as a result of which I have instructed EVERYONE around me to slap me silly if I EVER consider doing again)...a REALLY long winter...a really rough school year (which FINALLY ended mid-June...with complete and utter exhaustion)...and being cast in the CHORUS for a musical that I'm seriously considering to be my "farewell to acting" performance.

Here's photographic evidence...

Of course there were other events, activities, gatherings with friends, and general pleasantness, but I'm trying to be brief.  Just wanted to touch base with the two of you (I already know what I've been doing).

Now...back to 1989...

Here's hoping YOU are having an amazing well!