Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Blogger Burnout and Duane's NOT Surprise 50th Birthday Party!!!

I haven't posted for awhile because, honestly, I'm tired of blogging!  It's not so much the blogging part, but the loading of large amounts of photos takes FOREVER, and I just don't have the patience for it anymore!  It's unfortunate, because I really look at this blog as more of a personal diary (viewed by the entire world...or at least a few of you), and I enjoy going back through posts and reliving events from my life.

Perhaps having taken a few months off will help...we'll see...

To "restart"...I ATTEMPTED to throw a surprise party for Duane's 50th birthday.  I don't know WHAT possessed me to try, because they never work out, and it takes SO MUCH ENERGY to try to pull it off.

It didn't work.  Duane decided to go home to spend time with his family on the weekend I'd spent WEEKS planning, so, expletives aside, I "fessed up", and told he could NOT, in fact, go home that weekend, since I'd just spent a expletive expletive amount of time planning a party for him expletive.

It was just as well...trying to explain cleaning the bathroom, and preparing a large amount of food JUST FOR THE HECK OF IT rarely works.  I had a HALF notion to set up a mock Tupperware party with my sister to justify all the preparations, but, actually enjoyed NOT having to work so hard at the subterfuge.  I was even able, then, to have him help get things ready!!!

It was a LOVELY party, with lots of LOVELY friends, and we had a LOVELY time!  I told people that gifts weren't required, but that he loved dark chocolate, so they could bring some along, if they wished.  They the tune of 10 pounds and "some odd" ounces of it!!

In addition to the NOT surprise party, I also sent out an invite on Facebook to send birthday cards.  In addition to the FIFTY that I sent (one for each day leading up to his 50th birthday, telling him one thing each day that I loved about him), he received about 30 additional cards from LOVELY friends who actually took the time to send one.

We are now BOTH 50, although I'm an entire FOUR months older than he is, and, although I'm not sure "with age comes wisdom", we are happy, and healthy, and looking forward to 50 more!!!

Here's hoping YOU celebrated a "big occasion" recently too!!!