Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Duane and I were FINALLY able to get to the toy exhibit at the Minnesota History Center a few days ago.  "Toys of the 50's, 60's and 70's" was a HOOT!  I had many of the toys featured, and, if I didn't have them, my sister, or one of the other kids in "the neighborhood" did!

Each decade featured a "classic look" living room, in which a television played commercials of the time...GROOVY and KITSCHY!!!

The Fifties

The Sixties

The Seventies

I LOVED Wacky Packages.  Six stickers and a stick of (gross) bubble gum.  Randy Peck would sell individual cards/stickers to us in elementary school.  We never thought about actually going out and buying our own...especially when he had them right his desk!!!  They reissued them a few years ago.  I bought TWENTY packs...!!!

OF COURSE, we had to do a little "mugging for the camera" many good photo ops...

There were several interactive stations, including a "Send the Slinky Down the Stairs" station, and the exhibit was very well done, and really fun!

Although I don't feel OLD ENOUGH to be nostalgic about things like Lincoln Logs and Mr. Potatohead, I guess it HAS been awhile since I played with any of them!  Now I want to dig through my parents basement, and find MY Johnny West...and that old mountain fortress with the plastic soldiers...and I'm SURE I have some Play-Doh around here somewhere...

Here's hoping you experienced a kitschy "blast from the past" recently too!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

50 Reasons...

For my 50th birthday (see previous post), my friends and coworkers at school created a "50 Reasons We Love Jeff" bouquet. 

It was REALLY sweet, and VERY thoughtful!!  Because of the craziness of the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas, however, I never had a chance to sit down and read them all.

Now that I'm on winter break, I DO have time, and am sharing them with all of you...

1.  He took on WIKE (our in-school news broadcast) like a champ!

2.  He is willing to help when needed any time.

3.  Passionate.

4.  He takes care of the birds.

5.  He bakes delicious key lime pound cake!

6.  He has a great laugh.

7.  He is fun to watch perform!

8.  The amazing bulletin boards in the learning center.

9.  Jeff is a fun, loving, joyful person!

10.  He was a ton of fun on the boat trip!

11.  His love of mice (long story...sarcasm here!).

12.  Jeff is amazing because he has a yellow tux to wear when he is the BINGO caller.

13.  He has a lot of energy.

14.  He organized the Chinese books very well in the media center, even though he did not recognize any of the Chinese characters.

15.  He took on the daunting task of the school play.

16.  He reads stories in different voices.

17.  He has a sweater for borrow when someone is cold.

18.  He keeps us organized by sending friendly reminders.

19.  He's not like any other regular library person.

20.  He is very helpful.

21.  He brought breakfasts back.

22.  He is a sharp dresser.

23.  He makes creative pies.

24.  He brings order and neatness to the library.

25.  He organized the end of the year chain of gifts to keep us going.

26.  He moved all the books and reorganized the media center so teachers can find things now.

27.  Interesting email titles with unfinished sentences, making you want to read the rest.

28.  He is a saint during testing.

29.  His office makes a relaxing hideout away from work.

30.  Jeff is amazing because he has an alter ego named Jimbo.

31.  No one can rock a blue polyester suit like Jeff.

32.  He has a great sense of humor.

33.  Socks match his outfit.

34.  He always has a smile on!

35.  Tootsie rolls!

36.  Will go out of his way for every one of his coworkers!

37.  Quite amusing Facebook status updates!

38.  He puts up with the rough commute to be with us!

39.  Wine connoisseur.

40.  Patient with the kids.

41.  He's a stylish redhead.

42.  Brought back choir practice (happy hour).

43.  Joyous, energetic, fabulous, fun!

44.  His theatre background.

45.  When faced with challenges and the never-ending changes, he adjusts and always delivers!

46.  He follows up on the ticket statuses we create for the Tech Service Desk.  It makes me feel warm and cared for.

47.  Good storyteller.

48.  Huge help with community building!

49.  Library on wheels when the media center is closed!

50.  Fun.

Wow!  I have some very thoughtful friends at work!  I will come back to this post when I'm feeling down, or frustrated, or questioning WHY I spend six hours a week commuting back and forth!!!

Here's hoping YOU have something that you can go to as well, to remind you of why you do what you do, and to remind you that those around you DO appreciate it!!

Monday, December 15, 2014

F-F-F-F-F-F-F-F-F...ifty...! ! ! !

So I turned f-f-f-f-f...f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f....f...the year after forty nine (!!??) a few weeks ago.  I'm SOOOOO not ready for this, and, application for the AARP be DAMNED, I don't feel it, either!!!!

I remember having a difficult time with 25 (a quarter of a century old!), and 30 (what happened to my 20's?!?!), but FIFTY...are you kidding me??!!  How did this happen???!!!!!

I guess it's better than the alternative, and, I think I DO pass for something...a little younger...

That being said, I have to say, this birthday was REALLY FABULOUSLY CELEBRATED!!!

From the SURPRISE office decorations covertly set up by my amazing friends and coworkers in Hopkins...

 the cupcakes dropped off by a Xinxing Academy parent (and fellow 6th grade musical survivor/FABULOUS friend!)... the card from mom and dad that made me "tear up" a little bit... brunch with my sister and her family at First Course in South Minneapolis (try the steak and eggs...DIVINE!!!)... the trip to London (see previous blog entry), during which Duane paid for EVERYTHING... the 251 birthday messages from Friends on Facebook... the pizza at Italian Pie Shoppe and cherry pie... was a WONDERFUL "birthday week", and I feel very blessed to have so many AMAZING people in my life!

Thank you for making f-f-f-f-f-f...ifty FABULOUS, and here's to f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f...ifty MORE!!!!