Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving in Iowa and the Christkindlmarket in Excelsior

I had a LOVELY, relaxing weekend in Tingley with the family for Thanksgiving!  I spent two and a half days laying around, eating, catching up with the parents, seeing extended family at the big dinner, crafting, and antiquing on the way back.

Today, Duane and I went to Excelsior for our annual excursion to the Christkindlmarket.  After coming back from Dusseldorf a few years back, we came across an advertisement for a holiday market in Excelsior, and really enjoyed it. 

We were able to stock up on German goodies from a lady whose store is usually run out of her walk-in basement in Lakeville (and to which we've been a couple of times), but has a booth during the market.  We bought home made candies from a lady who we see during the summer at the farmer's market in Minneapolis.  We bought cupcakes from a bakery that had a new booth this year (because anywhere is ALWAYS the right time and place for cupcakes!).

This was our THIRD time back, and, for the first time, it was actually warm enough to feel our toes and noses THE ENTIRE TIME WE WERE THERE!!!  The last two times were so cold, I didn't think we'd EVER thaw out!

Here are some shots from the day:

Me enjoying my FAVORITE part of a Christkindlmarket...the Glühwein (mulled wine) 

Closeup of Glühwein

the handbell choir that was playing while we were there!

the strusel truck

Jeff and friend

Duane and friend

Here's hoping YOU had a chance for an international experience where YOU live!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas...

Yes...I know Thanksgiving is the next holiday on the slate, but, with the snow falling, and my Christmas lights on (I've actually had our place decorated for Christmas since November 4th, but don't tell anyone!), it's feeling VERY Christmas-y at the "Jeff and Duane residence"!

Here are a couple of photos I took when I got home tonight and turned stuff on...

Off to wrap some presents!  Here's hoping YOUR holidays are off to a good start!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Two Shows and "Dubodia"

I've been COMPLETELY remiss in my blogging responsibilities of late, but with good reason (I think).  I'm currently rehearsing TWO musicals, and FINALLY getting over a bad cold/pneumonia (or in the nose-plugged state in which I've dwelt for the last month..."dubodia"), while continuing to work full time at the three jobs that were crammed into my one job last year...!

The first show I'm doing is "Amahl and the Night Visitors" with Woodbury Community Theater, in which I play deaf King Kaspar.  "This is my Box" is my big number...don't ask...actually here's a version from youtube:

The second show I'm doing is "Bye Bye Birdie" with Ashland Productions, in which I play Albert Peterson.  Albert's big number is "Put on a Happy Face".  Here's the Jason Alexander version from the remake of the movie:

I've never done two shows at once, and it's COMPLETELY stressing me out, since I don't like conflicts in my schedule, and my TYPE A organizational framework of life is completely "out of whack" right now.  I am not sure how it's going to work (I've been busy with "Amahl" up until now, and JUST got the part in "Birdie" last week).  I guess I will find out soon, since both will be in rehearsals starting tomorrow.  I'm thinking I'm going to be putting a lot of miles on my car!

On top of all of this, I've had a bad cold for about five weeks now, and went to the doctor a few weeks back.  He diagnosed pneumonia, so I went through a round of antibiotics (let's hear it for the z-pack!), but didn't improve enough to be satisfied, so went back and had to see another doctor (don't you HATE that??!!), who thought it was he prescribed cough syrup with codeine and a nasal spray.  Bottom line, I'm still coughing, my voice is still scratchy, and I haven't completely recovered yet.  I decided yesterday, however, that I'm DONE with this, and will get better now!!!

Here's hoping YOU are doing something that you enjoy, but that you aren't doing it QUITE as "over-extended-ly" as I am (and that you are not sick while doing it)!!!