Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Iowa Visit

Starting each entry with "haven't had a chance to blog all week" is getting a little redundant, so I'll start this one off by saying..."me again"...

FINALLY heard from Dianne in Birmingham, AL. Had been concerned, because we hadn't been in touch for a few years. She's one of my dearest friends, from CLEAR BACK in high school, and I really treasure her friendship, so, did a "good ole" google search, and found her e-mail address (in reference to contacting her about a play that she was directing). Sent a note to the address, and heard from her a few days later. SO GOOD to be in touch with her again!

She and I tried to "date" when we first met, but I did a few things on that date that pretty much GUARANTEED that we would end up as close friends and nothing else (like introducing a family friend that was visiting that night as my dad, and talking about my introverted older brother Chip, who never came downstairs when we had company (I don't have an older brother)). She was a GREAT sport, and we've been "buds" ever since. Oh...and the fact that I'm gay may have had something to do with that too...!

When she and her husband were stationed in Germany, and I was living in Japan, I went to visit one spring, and she and I took a weekend trip to Paris (with a military tour). It was a hoot. People couldn't figure out if we were brother and sister (she'd dyed her hair red), or husband and wife, or what. SUCH FUN! That was my first trip to Paris...what a blast!

Also heard from cousin Kim in Des Moines tonight. We haven't been very good at staying in touch lately either, so it was good to catch up with her too. Duane and I and Robin and David and family are headed to southern Iowa this weekend for Memorial Day, so hopefully we can all "hook up" at the lake house. REALLY excited to get to Iowa. Wish I could make it to Fairfield sometime soon, but there are a few "problems", logistically, so don't know when that's going to happen...sigh...

Not much else to report. Helped Robin and Dave move YET MORE furniture last Saturday, and spent Sunday working at the mall, so the weekend was, basically, a wash. The remodel at Robin and Dave's is almost finished, and it all looks GORGEOUS! They're having a big "housewarming/we survived the remodel" party at the end of June. Lots of out of town guests, so it'll be good to "catch up" with everyone!

One of the apartments in my building had a fire earlier today. Apparently, they left a pan of grease on the stove and it ignited. Most of the damage was confined to their apartment (which is just across the hall from me). Could have been SUCH a big disaster, so God was looking out for all of us here! One of the other buildings in the complex was completely gutted a couple of months ago by someone who threw a cigarette out their deck door. TEN apartments were destroyed, and TEN families/people had to find new places to live... SMOKERS SUCK! (If you are a friend of mine, and you smoke...I apologise, but you REALLY do need to quit anyway...so do it!).

On that note...hope this finds you well, and happy, and enjoying life to the fullest!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Sick Day Entry #3

Haven't had a chance to blog all week! Took another sick day on Tuesday. Just am NOT able to shake this thing. Robin & Dave and family came over for dinner Tuesday night (postponed from when I felt even worse on Sunday night!). I made my FAMOUS Chipotle Mac 'n Cheese (actually it's from Cooking Light). It was a LITTLE too spicy, but still good!

After they left, I was feeling a little out of touch with friends, so spent the next few hours on the phone. Tried to call Tena, but she wasn't home (and hasn't called me back yet...!), talked to Amy from Sheboygan for about an hour, then called Trish in Chicago (she wasn't home. I left a message, and she called back as soon as she got the message, but I was on the phone). After that, I called Jim in Kalona, and we FINALLY had a chance to catch up after a few months. It was REALLY good to reconnect with some AWESOME friends!

After taking Tuesday as a sick day, I had to work at the mall after the "real job" on Wednesday and Thursday. I'm SO not well enough for TWO twelve hour days in a row! (I'm old and sick...remember?!).

Friday was "just" a school work day, and afterwards, I went to Jerry's Greenhouse and FINALLY bought a few things for my deck garden. I bought a couple of pole bean plants to grow up the trellis on my deck (to curb the view that my "across the courtyard" neighbor has into my apartment, which he seems WAY too interested in...!). I also bought some alyssum and purple striped petunias. Still need LOTS of stuff, but, not until payday...oy!

Duane is sick (NOT with my cold, I'm sure...he must have picked something else up somewhere else!!!), so we're having another mellow weekend. I have to work at the mall tomorrow (rah...Mother's Day at the mall...have I mentioned how much I HATE that job right now??!!). I COULD have been at mom and dad's this weekend with Robin and Dave and family, helping drag stuff out of their basement, which was flooded with about 24 inches of water, due to excessive rains, this week...oh wait...I guess that's a GOOD thing that I couldn't go...never mind!

Have a GLORIOUS weekend, and take time to smell the roses (or whatever is blooming in YOUR yard this week!).

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Sick Day Entry #2

Not a lot to say at this point. I've spent the last THREE days on the sofa, hacking and wheezing, and feeling WAY too weak to just be suffering from a cold, but, perhaps I'm a TOTAL wimp, and this is what it's going to be like as I get older...sigh...

LUCKILY, there was an "America's Next Top Model" marathon on MTV, and I got to see cycle TWO from (almost) start to finish. MAN, I like that show! Was TOTALLY sad that Shandi didn't get it, but Yoanna IS gorgeous, so it's all good. I LIKED the "follow up" episode they did at the end. They haven't done that in later cycles, and it was AWESOME to see "where they are now" (or at least where they were when cycle two ended!).

REALLY need to get out of the apartment...getting a little stir crazy, but, I'm also a little shaky, so will probably stay in. Cancelled dinner with Robin and David and family tonight (didn't want to give them my germs, and SO am not up for cooking), but will get together with Duane for the finale of "The Amazing Race"...GO CHARLA AND MIRNA!!!

Happy Sunday to all!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Sick Day Entry #1

Home on a sick day today. Too bad you have to feel so CRAPPY when you're sick. I COULD be getting a lot done, but, so far, I've spent most of the day on the sofa, drinking hot tea and moaning. I'm in the beginning throes of a bad cold, I think. Right now I sound like a cross between Levi Stubbs from the Four Tops, and "Lurch" from the Addams Family.

Haven't been able to croak out more than a few incomprehensible syllables all morning (I've been practicing talking, because OF COURSE, as a teacher, I feel extremely guilty for taking a sick day, and, even though there's NO WAY I'll be able to go in tomorrow either, I'm still thinking I MIGHT be okay enough to try...!).

My colds ALWAYS start this way...by attacking my throat. Usually it's a bad sore throat (which I've also had in the last 24 hours). After a week, or so, I feel better, but then get CLOBBERED by round 2...earache. I'm REALLY, REALLY hoping to avoid that this time, but we'll see. Hadn't HAD an earache since I was 10, but, about six years ago, started getting them again...what's up with that??!!

Not much to report at this point...I'm groggy, and wheezy, and probably a few of the other 7 dwarves too (sleep and grumpy, for sure!). I'm also BORED, BORED, BORED. I don't "do" sick very well...sigh...

Hope YOU are well, and enjoying what looks like a LOVELY Thursday afternoon out there. I'm going to drink more tea, and snuggle under the blanket on the sofa for the rest of the day...sigh...