Monday, May 20, 2013


Nothing to report.  13 days of school left.  I'm crabby.  I'm tired.  I REALLY don't think I'm going to make it.

Got a "YOU CAN DO IT!" card from my parents.  THEY ROCK!!!!

Here's hoping YOU have more energy, enthusiasm, and chutzpah than I do right now...!!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013


I dug through my closet the other day, and pulled out various things that I haven't worn for a long time, added a blazer, and headed to school.  My friend Janet said, this is a different look for you.  I told her I was tired of all of my clothes, and wanted to mix things up.  She said "'re rebranding"! 

Perhaps it's because I'm getting older...perhaps it's because I want to lose weight...perhaps it's because I'm going to Italy in July...whatever the reason, I'm ready for a new look.  It's not that my  old "look" is particularly frumpy, or dated, or uninteresting, I just think I'm ready to "mix things up" a bit. 

I find NO inspiration whatsoever at work, with the exception of my media assistant Matt, who wears a cowboy hat (but takes it off during work hours), and generally sports a blazer, and the occasional tie. 

Teachers aren't exactly fashion plates...especially the men.  I remember that when I started teaching in my school district, THIRTEEN YEARS AGO, I DID wear interesting stuff...colorful shirts...crazy ties...things that were fun and unique and made me an individual. 

Over time, I "acclimated" to the tastes and "norms" of the area...SUCH A DUMB IDEA.  Minnesotans, at least in the areas in which I live and work, offer very little that motivates or inspires.

The rebranding hasn't been without it's trials and tribulations.  Duane walked in while I was getting ready one day this week, looked at the vest I was planning to wear, and stated " it 90's day at school?".  Off came the vest.  Similar "non-helpful" comments were made about a pair of lime green tennis shoes I attempted to get out the door wearing...

Luckily, I've discovered the "Men's Fashion" area of Pinterest!  It's become so addictive, in fact, that a friend posted the following recently on Facebook:"I love how often I can guess who pinned a pin.   Tulip Flower Bowls?   Has to be Katie.  Fabulous 40's inspired high heels?   Becky, of course.  Super cool vintage art or toys?  Who else, but Delaine?  Hot guys in dapper clothes?  I can always spot Jeff's style."  I guess I've pinned A LOT of "looks" recently. 

So, in my endeavor to create a new "fashion persona", I started a board on Pinterest called "My Style".  So far, I've got 139 pins on this board, and 88 followers.  Below are some of the photos that are inspiring me to move away from the simple button-down shirt, khaki pants and black shoes...into a more refined, layered, interesting sartorial presence.

As I was going through my board to find photos to attach to this post, I came across six or seven that I'd pinned twice, at different times. I must be getting "close" to the look I'm going for!

The possible haircuts...

The clothes...
The helpful charts and diagrams...
I've made a good start on acquiring some new pieces.  I found an AWESOME houndstooth jacket at Goodwill for $7.00, and found a couple of really great jackets ON SALE at Kohl's (a REALLY GREAT sale...the jackets were on the 60-80% off rack, and I had a 20% "this weekend only" coupon.  Spent $93.00 and saved $385.00...!!!).

Not the greatest photos, but here are some recent additions to the closet...

OF COURSE it's all about layering, and, though it's still practically winter in Minnesota (even though it's May 12th), it'll be hot and humid before we know it.  The new "look" will have to wait a few months.  That's gives me time to buy the clothes, figure out how to put them together, and NAIL IT when fall arrives!

Here are a few recent attempts...

Here's hoping YOU were able to "mix things up" recently too!!!