Sunday, May 24, 2020

More Flowers

Before everything shut down mid-March Duane and I drove over to Como Conservatory to see the winter flower show.

I LOVE Como.  It's one of my top five places to go in the cities (I'll add a post about the others sometime soon).  The sunken garden is an enchanting, beautiful, fragrant, amazing space.  Here are some photos from that day...

We also went to Colossal Cafe on Grand Ave. for lunch, browsed a couple of antique stores, and stopped in at an urban farm and garden shop that has the most amazing stuff for sale (beekeeping equipment, plants, seeds, cheese making equipment, live cool!).  Little did we know that these would be our last "browsing in stores" opportunity for awhile.

When things reopen, and it's safe to visit, it's one of the first places I'm going to go!

Here's hoping YOU are finding the beauty around you too!!

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